10 Fun facts about Indianapolis Colts

Are you here because you are looking for some information about the Indianapolis colts that have not been revealed to you since your childhood? Here you arrive at the right place.

 Ok, let us kick-off.

1. Two NFL championship wins

 Did you know that the Indianapolis Colts have two NFL titles in their record? You ought to know that starting today. Their most recent was in 2007 and their first win was in 1971.

2. Lucas Oil is their home ground

 The stadium has a capacity of up to 70 000 people.it is located in the town skirt of Indianapolis. They used to play at RCA dome memorial stadium before moving to Lucas oil.

 3. They have been participating in NFL since 1953

The Indianapolis Colts were formed in 1953. Since then they have been participating in the NFL tournament.

4. They have been participating in AFC since 1970

The colts since its formation I 1953 they have been partaking in American football conference since 1970.

5. They are identified with their blue and white jersey.

The royal color identified to Indianapolis colts is blue and white. This is because they wear blue royal strips when playing home games and wear white stripes when playing way games.

6. They face a historic rivalry of dominance

The Indianapolis Colts have been in a dominance rivalry with New England Patriots and NFL superstar Peyton Manning.

7. Have numerous fame

The Indianapolis colts boast of some prominent stars that have been included in the hall of fame. Those stars include Johnny Unitas, Jim Parker, and Marvin Harrison.

8. They are owned by Jim Islay

Jim Irsay is the CEO of Indianapolis colts.

9. Leading scorer

 Mike Vander jag is the all-time leading scorer for Indianapolis colts.

10. Chuck Pagano is their head coach.

Last note

Hopefully, your knowledge about this one of the most prestigious NFL teams has increased after reading this piece of work. Look for Indianapolis Colts NFL TV coverage and watch them in action.