Best Streaming Services in the USA

Best Streaming Services in the USA

Cable TV is getting more and more outdated. It is seen like a piece of ancient hardware that we only have around because we are yet to decide what to do with it. To many people, this is like an unnecessary piece of hardware that they can do without. This is due to the fast rise of streaming services.

Live Streaming Services give you the opportunity to catch the latest on your favorite shows and series including those from the Big Five channel. Streaming services were seen as the noisy neighbor at the start of the decade but the recent launch of Disney+ proves two things; the industry heavyweights know streaming is the new cool and live streaming is here to stay. 

There are also ‘add-on’ streaming services that don’t offer live streaming but you can still enjoy interesting content with nothing but internet connection. Example of such streaming services include the recently launched Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus.

Here is our list of best streaming services in the USA.

  1. Netflix

Netflix is the biggest draw of all streaming services – it has a huge brand name and its original shows are among some of the best TV has to offer.

It is also one of the cheapest with a basic subscription plan coming at $7.99/month. The standard and premium plans come at $10.99 and $13.99 respectively – you get to stream on up to 4 screens at once on Netflix premium plan

  • Amazon Prime Video

Subscription to this comes at $8.99/ month for non-prime members. It offers a lot of incredible titles that makes it worthy of its place on this list.

Also, Amazon Prime members have access to this without a monthly subscription.

  • YouTube TV

This is a big draw for many rodeo fans as it offer access to watching National Finals Rodeo final live. All you need is a good VPN and access to trial versions from CBS Sports. Plus unlimited DVR storage.

  • HBO Go & HBO Now

Few streaming services can compete with the level of top-notch movies and award-winning originals that HBO offers. HBO Go is for those with satellite package while HBO Now is for cord-cutters.  


The days of tuning in live on cable is almost gone. The days of buying expensive discs just to watch our favorite shows is long gone. All you have to do now is boot up your streaming media player, turn on your internet connection and enjoy your favorite shows and movies on demand.  

Plus you also get to enjoy NFR live stream. You can watch NFR finals on streaming services such as DirecTV, Vue, Hulu with Live TV and more.