Best Apps for watch live Golf on Android and iOS

The 2020 Masters Tournament promises to serve up excitement and top-notch entertainment. As the first major championship in professional golf, The Masters has always set the pace and tone for the year. The last edition saw Tiger Woods complete one of the greatest comeback in sports history by picking up the trophy. While it might be hard to record such a historic feat again this year, you can still expect the very best golfers to give it their all to win the first of the four major championships.

The Masters holds every year at the Augusta National Golf Club, a private golf course that has served as the permanent location of the tournament. It is important to note that the Masters is the only one of the four major championships to have a permanent location.

The Masters’ field is also the smallest of all four major championships; it has an official length of 6,835 m (which equals 7,475 yards). The 2020 edition kicks off on the 9th of April and ends a week later on the 16th. This is in line with the Masters’s tradition of holding the tournament during the first full week in April.

Masters golf streaming has become a popular option for watching the tournament. Many golf fans have developed an affinity for watching on their mobile devices; it offers comfort and convenience.

Here are the best apps to watch golf on your android and iOS mobile devices.

  • Golf Live Extra App; this is a free app for live streaming of gold provided by Golf Channel.
  • WatchESPN App; another free app

The PGA Tour App; is also available on Android devices and compatible with iTunes on iOS devices.