Stream Bathurst 1000 for free in Australia

Stream Bathurst 1000 live

Every Bathurst 1000 fan is counting days before the big race is held again on the panorama mountain on the 15th of this month. Fans not only in Australia but around the world are excited to see what they call their favorite motorsport.

However, this won’t be to all fans who want to watch this remarkable race. The challenges are many, and to contribute to the current global pandemic that has left many jobs and business downtime, few will afford the satellite television fees or livestreaming charges.

Even if you want to physically cheer for drivers of your choice, this can be done with a limited probability, as participation was limited to only 4000 people. This is to contain the spread of the coronavirus, which has manifested itself in almost every continent in the world.

However, due to financial constraints and the nuisance of coronavirus, you can’t miss out on your favorite motor sport, which only happens once a year. The reason we prepared this content.

Fortunately, in Australia you can watch your favorite event for free. Do you want to know how? Continue reading!

Watch from Foxtel

If you are die-hard fan of Bathurst 1000 and you are in Australia, then it is very fortunate for you to be able to watch the event for free which means you won’t pay anything to watch one of the most stimulating events after the Melbourne Cup in Australia.

Every Bathurst 1000 race can be viewed live on Foxtel, a free-to-air channel under Fox Sports, the main channel that has acquired full rights to air this upcoming edition of Bathurst 1000.

Foxtel will broadcast the events in HD and with commercial breaks it will be the only downside.

Watch on kayo sport

¬†Kayo Sports will also take the recording of the current Bathurst 1000 to a new level, with the chance to reach every point of Panorama Mount with Kayo’s Heli-Cam channel, whereas the Race Center channel stays up to date with all the details. Information and leaderboards. Kayo will also offer the alternative to special Ford or Holden co-pilot cameras. These new cameras will go through the drivers and cars of the two groups in qualifying, the top 10 shootouts and the big race, while those who get in late will have the choice to stream from live or start with ‘Tag’.

If you don’t have a TV and need to stream the race, then the smartest thing to do is to use Bathurst 1000 live stream 2020 and Kayo Sports. This is Foxtel’s dedicated game streaming phase which shows all of the races including a final Virgin Australia Supercars Championship. In the event that you have not yet joined Kayo, there is a 14-day free of use period for newcomers.

After the expiry of the trial, you will be required to pay a small fee. According to the preliminary estimate, the estimate starts at $ 25 per month unless there is no lock-in contract so you can always drop it.